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Raw food diet provides relief from Raynaud's disease symptoms
Online mindfulness courses can reduce stress, anxiety and depression
High-fat diet linked with increased breast cancer risk, study suggests
People who care about justice exhibit higher-order cognition associated with reason
Hospitals engineer plans to make insurance companies obsolete
Reduce glaucoma risk by drinking more green tea
Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and 'Natural' Food Fight
Pollution so bad in China that residents flock to to inhale mountain air from bags
The allergies are coming: how to naturally fight their symptoms
CVS Pharmacy violated False Claims Act, costing states hundreds of millions of dolloars, lawsuit claims
Chile rejects seed patent legislation known as the 'Monsanto Law'
Five health benefits of beetroot
Antidepressants keep killing women, thereby 'curing' their depression
Cancer-causing atrazine is world's No. 1 drinking water contaminant
Russia won't import GMOs, has 'enough space and opportunities to produce organic food'
Scientists warn the rise of AI will lead to extinction of humankind
Video tour of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab: How I discovered tungsten in rice protein
Japan ordered to halt 'scientific' whale slaughter
Drought now affecting two-thirds of Texas
FDA approves portable device to reverse opioid overdose, can be used by family members and caregivers
Link between radiation exposure and first and second cancers exposed by researchers
The surprising nutritional package of pure maple syrup
Protect yourself from deadly hospital errors
'Toxic Tours of Hell' through industry-polluted town given by New Mexico woman
E-cigarettes - the real 'gateway drug' for youth that leads to smoking for life


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